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Two Things to ensure the security of you, your user's data and your Moodle/Totara site

The same way we approach security with our online existence , we do with our Moodle and Totara sites. In this post, we discuss the difference between an 'http' and 'https' site and what a Moodle / Totara site administrator can do in relation to password policy settings.  

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May the force be with you when choosing a learning management solution - here is why a "Jedi" partner can save you time and money

by Joanna Barnfield | May 04, 2017 | Blog, moodle partner

Appointing the right supplier for any aspect in your organisation can be a difficult and timely task. So when you’ve got strict time and budget pressures on top of it, and you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you choose the right supplier it can make things that much harder. For many[...]

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