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Moodle Plugin Review: The Reengagement plugin (mod_reengagement)

This week we've reviewed the Reengagement plugin (mod_reengagement) for Moodle - a plugin that allows you to send automatic reminder emails to your learners - and more!

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Get your hands dirty in an LMS Sandbox Site

by Mick Cassell | Jul 25, 2017 | Moodle, Totara

How can I test changes without affecting my main site?

A prudent site administrator will always test out changes in a test environment and this is where a “sandbox” comes in handy.

A sandbox site is an installation of Moodle or Totara Learn that is intended for you to use solely as a testbed.


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How can I help integrate an LMS into my organisation

by Mick Cassell | Jul 04, 2017 | Blog, Top tips, Totara, Totara Tips

Systems, systems everywhere!

Let’s face it, having a single system that serves every function in your organisation is an unattainable dream. Often a “best of breed” approach is used where different systems that excel in their own area of operation are used.

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