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10 Highlights from Learning Technologies 2018

I really enjoyed attending Learning Technologies 2018 in London Olympia. I was there to see what’s happening in all worlds of e-learning systems, talk to fellow Totara and Moodle partners and to attend some of the free seminars, as recommended by Fosway’s Kate Graham on LinkedIn. Wish I could be there for day 2... Along with attending free talks, I mostly enjoyed talking to people about microlearning, the impact an LMS has to any organisation’s L&D strategy and what really AI means for e-learning right now.

Keywords I take with me:

  • AI and Chatbots
  • Microlearning
  • Resources not courses
  • Video, video, video 
  • GDPR

Here are my favourite moments from day 1:

1. Walking to Holland Park - Train, underground, overground and 4 hours later I’m at Kensington Olympia. If you enjoy visiting London, this is a good escape to get a feel of the busy neighbourhood of Shepherd’s Bush in west London. There are plenty of things to do after the conference, some great restaurants to eat at and you can get to the beautiful Holland Park in just 18mins!

Holland Park Statue in London - Image ref


2. Seeing Totara’s “Freedom to Innovate” message on the exhibition ceiling - I don’t know about you but this message makes me feel good. It reminds me why we love what we do here at HowToMoodle because We Love Being Open Source.

Open source means the code of the elearning system you choose is open so you are free to build new functionality to suit your business needs and you are free to innovate because you have the flexibility to extend the system. No wonder why open source is chosen by so many great brands such as Google, Sky, MacDonald’s.  Read our recent blog post to learn more.

Totara at Learning Technologies 2018 | HowToMoodle


3. Warm up – As a Platinum partner with Totara, we were delighted to attend the Partners Day, which was a day before Learning Technologies officially began. We enjoyed meeting with other partners from all over the world and running into others we knew from previous events. We also received an award for the Best Education and Training Services Project in association with leading provider of marketing courses, Professional Academy. In addition to networking, we learned that Totara Learn is going from strength to strength with over 1,400+ subscriptions and 10 million users in 47 countries!

Totara Partners Meeting 30 January 2018 - Image ref


4. GDPR Staff Awareness – As we all know GDPR will impact every organisation's data protection obligations on the 25th of May.  You can improve the way your staff are engaged by creating engaging e-learning modules – using blended text, graphics and images- to increase awareness in your organisation for the various departments. You can either purchase those courses although it won’t be very customisable for your organisation, or you can build them using your GDPR internal or external experts – think video, quizzes, polls, so you can assess your learners. This is ideal for Totara Learn and Moodle users.


5. Microlearning – Now more than ever there is an expectation for information to be available on demand. The popularity of video-based training is conspiring to guarantee that microlearning has a key part to play in the future of corporate learning. Some examples to make your micro-learning strategy better is to include scenario-based learning and gamified activities. Use video and work with your marketing department to produce fun animations. Finally simplify it for your learners!


6. AI and chatbots – Don’t worry robots are not taking over our world (not yet anyway). AI is used right now – think your Netflix feed recommends content just for you. How about Siri? She uses machine-learning technology to get better at being able to predict and understand your natural-language questions and requests. Same for Alexa! Same when we buy things from, it recommends specific content for you.

  • AI will change the world of learning as it will help us produce more personalised content for our users
  • It will allocate L&D resources better as learners will get the information they need more rapidly, and every online training resource will be custom-tailored to their personal objectives  
  • It will improve learner motivation
  • More data, Bigger data! Better e-learning ROI
  • AI is the new UI! 

7 Interface benefits of chatbots for elearning | Learning Technologies 2018 | HowToMoodle


7. Role of L&D – As an L&D professional you must wear many hats! Here are the various roles of an L&D department. 

The many roles of and L&D department | Learning Technologies 2018 | HowToMoodle


8. Resources not courses -  Repurpose and refresh existing content and design resources instead of courses. Here are some tricks you can use:

  • People forget what they learn so use design thinking
  • Consider different types of content – infographics do their job (ask your marketing department to do)
  • Personalise and adapt your content for your scenario-based learning modules.
  • Use social channels to interact with your learners and learn what they need – ask them to create their own guides.

Resources not courses Learning Technologies 2018 | HowToMoodle


9. Make use of video and social -  Do more podcasts, record your management team and subject matter experts (it doesn’t have to be perfect!) – people will tell you if they don’t like it.

Make use of video | Learning Technologies 2018 | HowToMoodle


10. Be odd – Make your courses fun and engaging by thinking ODD not L&D. 

Think odd not L&D | Learning Technologies 2018 | HowToMoodle

Did you attend Learning Technologies this year? Share your favourite moments on  or in the comments below. 

If you’re ready to improve your e-learning strategy with Totara Learn or Moodle, schedule a time to chat with us.

Thanks Learning Technologies for another great event! 

Learning Technologies 2018 | HowToMoodle

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