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Moodle Plugin Review: The Checklist module

What is the Checklist module

The checklist module plugin allows students and teachers to track progress through a course within Moodle. The checklist displays progress using a progress bar that fills up as users check off items on their checklist.

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Moodle and Totara tip: When your users don't have email accounts

In some scenarios users don’t have email accounts. This might be because they don’t need them in their role at work, they’re too young, or the company only provides email accounts for a location (e.g. ''). We hear of companies where internal charging for email accounts[...]

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Comparison Chart: Reporting in Moodle and Totara Learn 

There are a range of available options to generate reports and gather data in your eLearning site. Depending on your requirements, reporting functionality can range from straightforward reporting on single courses (in Moodle) through to gathering data on system-wide competencies (in Totara LMS).

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Why upgrade your Moodle or Totara site?

by Gemma Mellings | Apr 18, 2016 | Blog

With frequent Moodle and Totara major versions being released at least every six months (and minor versions released more regularly), it is understandable that it can be hard to keep up-to-date with version upgrades and whether there is really any benefit in doing so.

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How to make “old” forums read-only in Moodle and Totara Learn

Recently during one of our training events, a participant had a need to prevent students from posting to forums from earlier in a course.

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Plugin Review: Moodle reporting - Learner Data Reports

Introducing Learner Data Reports

Learner Data Reports is a reporting plugin developed by HowToMoodle. The plugin allows you to quickly generate reports based on user profiles, marks, courses and activity information and completion status.

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How to add social media links to your Moodle site or Totara Learn site

If you would like to include social media links to your Moodle or Totara Learn site in a stylish way and without adapting the theme, 'Font Awesome' is a easy and simple solution. This method also offers the ability to customise the size and colour of the icons to suit the branding of the site.

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