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Rebecca Hill

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10 Reasons Why You Need A Blended Learning Strategy

by Rebecca Hill | Dec 03, 2018 |

Here are 10 powerful reasons why your organisation should use blended learning in your training approach, from how it can future proof your business to how you’ll be able to measure impact easily.

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How will PayForCourses help you manage your Moodle site?

by Rebecca Hill | Nov 19, 2018 |

We’ve recently launched our new e-commerce solution, PayForCourses. Our previous video explored the benefits of this system for your customers, but we’ll now look further at the advantages for you as a manager of your site.

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PayForCourses: Enhance your Customer Experience

by Rebecca Hill | Nov 05, 2018 | eCommerce, PayForCourses, PFC

PayForCourses guarantees a great user experience for your customers

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We have lift off !  HowToMoodle Launch PayForCourses

by Rebecca Hill | Oct 22, 2018 | PFC, PayForCourses, eCommerce, Moodle

PayForCourses: the time-saving, sales boosting eCommerce solution your Moodle site needs

Customers and businesses alike want uncomplicated systems that save everyone time. PayForCourses offers an integrated eCommerce system to monetise your Moodle site. Customers can purchase courses easily,[...]

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