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7 Tips on How To Create Engaging eLearning Courses in Moodle

So, you have a Moodle site and have your course content ready. But now comes the challenge of making your courses attractive and engaging so that your learners want to learn. This task can be harder than you may first think. But the good news is I'm here to help! I've listed 7 key considerations[...]

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How to ensure the success of your LMS Project

by Richard Hall | Aug 24, 2017 | services, lms success

No matter where you are on your LMS journey, there are actions, decisions and things to think about along the way, which can all influence the success of your project.

In this post, I answer common questions I get asked from prospective clients who look to get it right the first time. 

Let's go! 

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5 Moodle Questions You Need Answering Now

HowToMoodle are long term experts in training organisations on how to get the best out of their Moodle site so we’ve heard most of the questions below before and we normally pre-empt them in our training delivery. 

In this blog post, I expand upon the 5-most common questions I get asked when[...]

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How to make “old” forums read-only in Moodle and Totara Learn

Recently during one of our training events, a participant had a need to prevent students from posting to forums from earlier in a course.

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Why is Moodle beneficial for the Education sector?

As a former teacher in secondary education, I know how Moodle can be invaluable in structuring and sharing your course materials with learners, and also in monitoring and assessing progress. There’s an assumption from learners (and their parents) that learning will be available online – your[...]

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How to tag courses in Totara Learn to help learners find relevant courses

by Richard Hall | Nov 17, 2015 | Blog, Totara Tips

Tagging courses in Totara Learn provides for an easy way for your learners to find courses relevant to their needs.

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How to make courses visible to different sets of users in Totara Learn

by Richard Hall | Oct 06, 2015 | Totara Tips

We are often asked about whether it's possible to hide courses from different sets of users in the course listings page. In Moodle, it is not possible to do this though obviously access to course content itself can be controlled using enrolment methods; Totara Learn, however, does offer this[...]

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eLearning Tip: Showcase student contributions using open-source software, Mahara

by Richard Hall | Sep 08, 2015 | mahara, Moodle Tips, Totara Tips

If you’re looking to provide students with an effective and professional way to showcase their work then Mahara may well meet your requirements!

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How to award badges in Moodle based on different levels of performance

by Richard Hall | Aug 04, 2015 | Blog, Moodle, Moodle Tips

Awarding badges in Moodle based on different levels of performance in a particular activity is possible using the following workaround. For example, if a student were to score at least 90% in a quiz, they would receive a Gold badge whereas a score between 70% and 89% would merit a Silver badge[...]

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Moodle Tips: New Features in Moodle 2.9 Quiz activity

by Richard Hall | Jul 07, 2015 | Blog, Moodle Tips

In a recent Vlog, my colleague, Carl discussed the new ability in Moodle 2.9 to set the pass grade directly within the Quiz activity settings.

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