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Could a technical healthcheck benefit you?

by Gemma Mellings on | Mar 16, 2016 | Blog, News, services | 0 comments

Technical-healthcheckCambridge Education Group (CEG) contacted HowToMoodle in 2015 with a business requirement to understand the current state of their Moodle implementation and risks that may be present on their two Moodle sites. Stuart Ives, Global Head of Application Services at CEG, elected to use HowToMoodle's technical healthcheck service to satisfy the requirement and gain the added confidence that using a recognised expert brings. Commenting on HowToMoodle as a provider, Stuart said;

"HowToMoodle were selected based upon their level of professionalism, knowledge and experience, approach, cost base and service that would be provided (personal and extremely helpful)."

Two technical healthchecks were carried out by HowToMoodle for the education specialists. The healthchecks involved a thorough review of CEG's Moodle installation at both application and server level. The HowToMoodle team conducted an examination of the server environment and key configuration settings, with checks made for common problems and potential issues. Following the healthcheck, a report was presented to CEG with recommendations on improving their Moodle site and information regarding the server environment, site performance, plugins, and site administrators and maintenance tasks.Cambridge Education Group

Following completion of the service, Stuart remarked on the delivery of the service as;

"Excellent, great personal service. As a result, our site is now improved in terms of security and an overall business confidence. The whole service was extremely well executed."


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