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HowToMoodle celebrates 10 years of delivering Moodle training

by Gemma Mellings on | Jun 15, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

10th-anniversaryThis week we are celebrating - it has been 10 whole years since our first ever Moodle training took place!

HowToMoodle was launched in 2004, but it wasn’t until 21st and 22nd June 2005 that we embarked on our first open Moodle training workshop – and we haven’t looked back!

Delivered at the time by our very own Managing Director, Ray Lawrence, he recalls on the early training days; “I remember that, even then, our Moodle training events were really popular. We were the first provider of Moodle training, and our events were often sold out – as they continue to be today.”

“Since our first workshop we have since delivered 114 open courses in Telford, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh – and that’s not including our onsite and online courses that we now deliver too. We are hugely recognised for our training expertise, something that we are extremely proud of, and look forward to deliver these courses for years to come!”

This week we are reminiscing about those early Moodle days, and speaking to some of our earliest training clients, to see where they are – and, most importantly, if they are still Moodling!

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