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HowToMoodle trainer reflects on Moodle training 10 years on

by Gemma Mellings on | Jun 17, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

Carl HodkinsonContinuing with our Moodle training 10 year anniversary week, we have interviewed another of our first clients who attended our workshops all those years ago. This client then went on to become one of our very own HowToMoodle team members and Moodle trainer! We speak to Carl Hodkinson about the early days of Moodling...

Q. What is your current role at HowToMoodle?

A. I am currently employed as an E-learning consultant where I liaise with clients either in a consultancy capacity advising on usage strategies, etc., as a trainer or assisting clients in a supporting role with issues that they are having with their site. These can be about anything; from theme-related or technical issues to “how do you do” questions.

Q. You attended one of our very first Moodle workshops back in 2005. What was your role at the time, and reason for attending the workshop?

A. I was an IT trainer working for Salford City Council in Greater Manchester and had recently set up a Moodle site following a directive by a high-level manager to raise awareness of risk within the council. I had been feeling my way around Moodle so attended the second training course I think it was, which helped me understand the system more than I did. I went on to take the Moodle site to be the main elearning system in the council which had over 100 courses and was available to around 12,000 learners. I also ran a community site with safeguarding courses that we used by 1000’s of users in many community groups, hospitals and colleges.

Q. Do you recall how it helped you in your role?

A. The sudden increase in knowledge was extremely useful in allowing me to know exactly what the system could and could not do. This allowed me to manage users and content between those parameters within courses. From the discussions in the training I also became aware of linking Moodle to the IT network’s method of authentication so I didn’t have to create all user accounts and email them with their login details.

Q. How have you seen Moodle change over the past 10 years?

A. I have seen a real growth in the functionality available and it is definitely slicker than it was. The first Moodle version I knew was 1.4 and I even thought it was somewhat “clunky”. The greatest change for me in the time I have known Moodle has been the advent of Completion tracking and Conditional access which is now user-friendly and intuitive, more so in recent versions, but each time a new version is released, I add another tick in my checklist of “Moodle would like to haves”.

Q. You now deliver Moodle training yourself at HowToMoodle, how do you see the training has changed since your attendance 10 years ago?

A. A lot of it has been down to the experience we have gained over the past 10 years. The training I attended was very much system-lead which was down to Moodle being a new system so there was not a lot in the way of experience around at the time. 10 years later, that is not the case. Our training is now informed from the work we have done; both training and consultations, as well as the knowledge we bring from previous employment, for instance, my administration experience at Salford City Council and my colleague’s experience of using Moodle as a classroom teacher. Adding this experience to our courses allows us to not only train participants how to use Moodle in terms of creating activities, etc, but to truly advise them on best practise or to suggest more alternative ways of achieving the same outcomes if required.

For more information on our current Moodle training options click here.

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