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Latest client success story: MPC's implementation of Totara LMS

Totara-lmsWe recently published our latest case study on our client's implementation of Totara LMS. In May we spoke to Andrew Schlussel, Global Head of Training and Development at the Moving Picture Company (MPC), regarding the company's decision to choose Totara as their Learning Management System, and it's key benefits over Moodle and other systems.

MPC_Case_StudyCase study summary:
  • Creative studio and global leaders in visual effects are established in 9 locations around the world.
  • The company has over 2,500 employees.
  • The organisation previously delivered its training in person or in written/video tutorials via the company intranet.
  • MPC had some crucial training requirements for their new starters and current employees that their current training method could not provide.
  • Following extensive LMS research, the organisation selected the Totara LMS platform to most suitability meet their requirements.
  • MPC carried out a series of testing, honing and fine-tuning of the system over a soft roll-out period prior to its plans to launch the platform globally.

You can read the full case story here; "Implementing a feature-rich, visual LMS for a leading global creative company".

View our full case studies page here.

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