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Moodle 3.0 Release: Here are the most anticipated updates and features

moodle-logo-3-0We have no idea where time has gone, but we've now hit the 3.0 milestone!


Moodle 3.0 is on its way with a huge amount of bug fixes, enhancements and new features! Here are some of the enhancements we're anticipating with it's release on 16th November...

Open University Question-Type Plugins to be built in!

What we find with a lot of our clients, likewise with many Moodle sites across the world, there are a collection of OU Question Types that are heavily used and loved. These did require being installed separately into Moodle. But as of 3.0 we think these will be default!

More specifically, these are the Select Missing Words, Drag and Drop onto Image, Drag and Drop Markers and Drag and Drop into Text question types.

Moodle Course Tags

There’s already a limited ability for students to tag courses, 3.0 has the ability for courses to be tagged in course settings.

By default, Teachers and Managers can "Tag" courses. You can then view these tags in a "Tag Block", or tag cloud, which will show you all the tags available. You click on one and courses with that tag will appear. This can be very useful for developing courses or if you have a site with a lot of courses, you can use tags to label courses with particular subjects so that it's easier for Teachers and Managers to find relevant courses.

Table Editing features in Atto

Love your tables? Well, good news! The long awaiting ability to edit Tables within the Atto text editor, which is the default editor on Moodle, we predict will be in 3.0!

Somewhat questionably, this is not enabled by default. Your Moodle administrator must add this to the Atto editing toolbar by navigating to Site administration / ► Plugins / ► Text editors / ► Atto HTML editor / ► Atto toolbar settings.

YouTube Repository is now disabled by default

This is one of those changes that's tiny, but significant.

Since May, YouTube required an API Key in order for sites (such as Moodle) to access YouTube videos and profiles.
This will now get implemented in Moodle, however because an API key is now required before the YouTube repository will work, it's now Disabled by default! So make sure you check this when you are building any new sites by reading Moodle Docs first!

Lots and lots of new Web Services

For the developers amongst you, there are tonnes of new web services available to be used. These include viewing Page, URL, Folder and Book resources, Getting SCORM information, interacting with the Chat module, Adding Forum posts + more! You can find the full list of new web services in the Release Notes on the Moodle Tracker!

Update all the Libraries

Another one mostly for the developers, but also the theme designers - the majority of libraries are being updated! This includes Bootstrap, which themes are all based on. So you may want to check your theme works on Moodle 3.0 before updating your live site!

Lots of bug fixes & enhancements

All bug fixes and enhancements can be seen on the Moodle Tracker. There are a lot!

As with every major release, ensure you take a backup of your Moodle site before upgrading! Though you could always get an expert to do this for you! ;-)

What Next

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