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Theme of the month - Shrewsbury Sixth Form College's Moodle Theme

This month we spoke to Marketing and Communications Manager, Laurina Rushworth, about the bespoke Moodle theme that we recently created for Shrewsbury Sixth Form College’s Moodle site.Shrewsbury Sixth Form College

Shrewsbury Sixth Form College began using Moodle 2.6 in September last year. The look of the site was basic and not very visually appealing. The majority feeling was that ‘it works’ – in terms of user interface and functionality, but the marketing team wanted to improve its look and feel and make it more exciting to the user.

Laurina comments; “I wanted something more than simply ‘it works’. It needed to match our main college website and the look and feel of the Moodle site needed improving. Student feedback was that it looked very mechanical and much like the back-end of the site.”

As well as brand matching and improving the site visually, the college’s design brief also included efficient navigation and creating layers of information in a user friendly way, that not only looked great for its students and teachers, but also benefitted parents who may also access areas of Moodle – so that they could see key events and aspects of college life.

In February this year the college contacted 3 companies for help in achieving these requirements. HowToMoodle was selected due to its locality as well as the personal, honest feedback given regarding what the college wanted to achieve, in particular when applying this to Moodle functionality within a teaching environment.

Laurina reflects on their choice; “It was good dealing with people in a teaching and learning environment – practitioners, not just technicians and web developers. They used the system and knew what would and wouldn’t work in a teaching environment.”Shrewsbury Sixth Form College Moodle Theme

Shrewsbury Sixth Form College have been delighted with the new bespoke theme.

“It complements the main site well. Not exactly the same, but that is a good thing, so that you know which site you are on. Our brand matching is exactly as we required.”

“We like that the ‘life of the college’ now comes across. Feedback so far is that it looks great, more designed and coherent. Students are also much happier with using Moodle - while the functionality and use of Moodle is the same, the actual feel of it is much different and has made a considerable impact as a result.”

Why we love this theme

Aside from the great look and design that matches the college’s main site, we love the extra aspects in the theme that would help engage students. The ‘Quick links’ and image slider options enables the college to easily update the front page. The quick links enables them to adapt panels with images that point to featured areas on the site. With the image slider they can have a new banner promoting an event or initiative live within a few minutes!

You can view the college’s main site here and their Moodle site here.

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