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Theme of the month - British Red Cross's Moodle Theme 

by Gemma Mellings on | Jun 01, 2016 | Moodle, moodle theme | 0 comments

British Red Cross-v2In May we spoke to Education Research Coordinator, Daniel Colebourn, from the British Red Cross regarding the recent Moodle theme we created for their pilot first aid online learning platform.

HowToMoodle: What were the reasons you decided to have a theme created for your Moodle site?

Daniel: "We had adapted a theme for our Moodle site, but we wanted to improve the experience for users and bring the feel of it more in line with our organisation’s brand guidelines."

HowToMoodle: What was your brief for the new design?

Daniel: "We had a very clear idea of what we wanted the new design to look like as it needed to follow our organisation’s brand guidelines and mirror an existing online learning platform. The new theme needed to match the bright, attractive and easy-to-use interface and ‘feel’ like a British Red Cross product."

HowToMoodle: Since the theme launch, what has been the response by your learners and colleagues to the Moodle site?

Daniel: "After re-launching our site with the new theme, learner feedback has been really positive. With bright colours and clear layout, it is eye-catching and appealing for learners. The simple use of copy, images and icons work effectively together to make the site intuitive for learners to navigate."


Red Cross-MainvsMoodle Moodle theme comparison with the company's reference site


Why we love this theme...

This new brand-matching theme for the British Red Cross has achieved the intended consistent look between its reference site and their new Moodle site. The front page sliders help convey key messages in a clear and visual way, and it's course tiles (below) gave the organisation the ability to upload their own customised activity icons to perfectly fit with the relevant course - creating a layout that's simple and easy to navigate. We're delighted with the outcome of this theme and pleased with the positive response it has received so far!


Course tiles with customised icons Course tiles with customised icons


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