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Theme of the month - Monarch Airlines Group's Moodle Theme

by Gemma Mellings on | May 10, 2016 | Blog, Themes | 0 comments

monarch_logo-LRWe recently spoke to Kerry Howell, Online Development Specialist at Monarch Airlines Group, regarding the Brand it! Moodle theme that we recently provided the company.

What were the reasons you decided to have a theme created for your Moodle site?

Kerry: "We wanted to create a site that feels part of our brand. Online learning is completely new for our business so we needed to create a 'wow-factor' to initially get our colleagues engaged. We have a huge variety of roles, from cabin crew & pilots, to engineers and office based staff, so our front page needed to appeal to each of these areas. HowToMoodle created 'Quicklinks' that we are able to edit to suit our business. So whether you are logging in as Aircrew or as a new starter there will be an easy to find dedicated area."

"What was your brief for the new design?"

Kerry: "Our main brief was to create a site that looks good whilst still achieving the necessary learning outcomes. As an airline we operate from many different bases including overseas, so it’s not always easy to get people into the classroom. We wanted a site that has the capability to be both visually appealing and easy to navigate. At Monarch we are very used to classroom-based learning so adding in an online platform is a huge change in our culture. By making the site straightforward & engaging we aim to begin a shift in the way that we view learning. We have sourced some great content, such as short videos and quizzes to make the learning experience varied.

Last year we implemented a new Monarch intranet that has been integral to creating a community across the business. The design brief was to make the LMS complimentary to this design. Our colleagues are now used to the look and easy navigation of this site and Moodle will create part of this with users logging on via the intranet."


Moodle Screenshots - Monarch Monarch's front page theme with rotating sliders

"Since the theme launch, what has been the response by your learners and colleagues to the Moodle site?"

Kerry: "The site has not been launched to the entire business yet but we have tested it on a small group and the response has been phenomenal. This platform allows us to take away some of the classroom-based learning creating cost savings, and as it’s accessible on iPad’s and mobile devices, we are able to access it anywhere in the world – perfect for an airline."

In discussing working with HowToMoodle throughout the theme build process, Kerry commented;

"The support from the HowToMoodle team has been essential in getting our site to this standard. Every query, no matter how big or small has been dealt with efficiently and we have been treated as individuals."


Why we love this theme

We loved creating this theme for Monarch Airlines, which is packed with our standard Brand it! theme features. The theme gives a bright and engaging finish, and it's colourful slider on the front page is sure to capture it's intended audience. The use of our 'Quicklinks' feature has also enabled the company to position a range of information and links in an attractive, eye-catching display. This, coupled with the perfect match to the company's Intranet site, produces a consistent feel that will help engage their users and make it extremely user friendly.


A range of Quicklinks created for Monarch's front page - which can be customised as and when they require. A range of Quicklinks created for Monarch's front page - which can be customised as and when they require.

What Next

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