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Theme of the month - Raleigh International's Moodle Theme

by Gemma Mellings on | Jul 27, 2016 | moodle theme, Moodle | 0 comments

We recently spoke to Alistair Mackay, Learning and Development Manager at Raleigh International, regarding the Brand it! Moodle theme we created for this organisation in May.Raleigh International logo

HowToMoodle: What were the reasons you decided to have a theme created for your Moodle site?
Alistair: "We recently re-designed our website, and we were keen to match the two designs as closely as possible. We wanted to make the learner experience efficient and easy to navigate, as well as reinforcing our brand through our Moodle site."

HowToMoodle: What was your design brief/feature criteria for the new design?
Alistair: "We kept it relatively simple – follow the website design, whilst promoting some of the key functionality of Moodle. For example, our quick-link boxes match the tiles on our website, and the Moodle navigation bar looks like our website menu. We wanted to lead with our strong imagery in the same way, and keep the course information accessible and clear."

HowToMoodle: What has been the response by your learners and colleagues to the new theme so far?
Alistair: "We haven’t yet launched our site to learners, as we have a significant amount of content development to work through, but we have shared the theme design with our in country staff teams overseas. They have been impressed by the way it looks, and think it will essentially feel like further functionality of our own website to our learners."

In discussing the theme service, Alistair added; "The HowToMoodle team have been very diligent with the theme design process, and careful to set out from the beginning how the design will complement the Moodle functionality. They showed real interest in how the design will benefit our users, and were supportive and understanding of our requirements."


Why we love this theme...

This theme for Raleigh gives a great example of the benefit to a brand-matching theme - the ability to make it feel part of the company's own website and make it their own with the use of the quick links, navigation bar, logo and background style. The use of the Multi-T feature allows the organisation to present different front page content and styling that is dependent on the logged in user.


Moodle theme quicklinks to complement the main website’s tile graphics Moodle theme quicklinks to complement the main website’s tile graphics


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