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How to enable the mobile application for your Moodle site

If you would like to enable the use of the Moodle mobile application for your Moodle site you can do so, providing your Moodle site is on version 2.4 or above, although some Moodle mobile features will not be available in earlier versions of Moodle.

To enable the Moodle mobile on your site you need to be a site administrator. As a site administrator go to Site administration ► Plugins ► Web services ► Mobile and then tick the ‘Enable web services for mobile devices’ option and click 'save changes'.


Now users will be able add your Moodle site to their mobile application and login using their usual account details. The app development team are regularly adding new functionality to enrich the app experience.


For more information regarding the features of the Moodle mobile application you can refer to the Moodle docs feature page here -, or alternatively get in touch with our expert team.

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