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Moodle Tips: Displaying mathematical formulae (Part 1)

by Richard Hall on | Nov 06, 2014 | Blog, Moodle Tips | 0 comments

This weeks Moodle Tips (look out for part 2 soon)

On a recent course, I was asked whether it is possible to display mathematical notations within Moodle. The gentleman had been creating the formula in another application, taking a screengrab and then inserting this as an image in his Moodle course content – he was therefore looking for something a little more straightforward.

Previous versions of Moodle have provided the facility to display TeX notation within course content providing the TeX filter was enabled. The formulae has to be entered using specific code for this filter to recognise the characters and render them so that they are displayed correctly; however writing this code has become less of a challenge now since the introduction of the Atto editor in Moodle 2.7; and in particular its Equation Editor button within the toolbar.

rh maths - pt1 - 01

Using the icons provided within the Equation Editor, you are able to add mathematical notation via a Graphical User Interface which can then be displayed within your course content.


rh maths - pt1 - 02

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