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How to share questions between Moodle courses

by Joanna Barnfield on | Oct 22, 2013 | Blog | 0 comments

I was asked by a client recently if a question bank is specific to a course. It is, but it’s possible to share them across courses. This might be a better solution to duplicating questions using the question bank import/export functionality.

There are a few relatively simple steps to enable this; you may need to enlist the help of your site’s Administrator.

1-set permissions1. 
The Administrator needs to create a new role, allowing the following permissions (assuming you want users assigned to this role to have all of these permissions):

  • Add new questions
  • Edit all questions
  • Edit question categories
  • Move all questions
  • Use all questions
  • View all questions

Make sure it’s possible to assign users to this role in the category context.

2. The Administrator then assigns a teacher to the new role at the required category.2 - assign role




3. When accessing the Question Bank in a course, the teacher will now be able to add and access questions from those shared across the Category. Any questions that are added to this category will be available for use in any quizzes in any of the courses within this category.

 3 - shared quiz category


It is worth mentioning that the above example describes sharing questions within a category. It’s possible to share questions across all categories by assigning the teacher to the new role at system level.

For full information relating to the above, visit the following page:

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