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Our Top 5 Most Common Support Queries for Moodle and Totara Learn

Support-web-smallAs Moodle and Totara support specialists we're asked a wide array of support requests from our supported clients. In this blog, I'm answering  the top five most common support queries we receive. 

1. Can I allow users to create their own accounts on the site?

Yes you can, by enabling the self-registration feature in Moodle or Totara Learn. With 'self-registration' visitors are presented with a simple sign-up form and they can complete their registration by clicking a link that has been automatically sent from the site. This usually mixes very well with sites that use 'Self enrolment' on their courses, or an ecommerce system such as our PayForCourses e-commerce service.

Self-registration can be enabled within the Manage authentication settings.


2. Is there a way to monitor learner progress?

Yes - You can enable “Completion tracking” within the 'Advanced feature' settings available in both Moodle and Totara Learn. This feature enables you to monitor completion of activities and complete courses based on criteria that you select.

You can find out more on how to use completion tracking here -


3. I’d like to create a learning path in my course, is this possible?

Yes it is - Use the 'Restricted access' feature to manage the release of individual content and activities or entire sections of your course.

Restricted access works well when combined with completion tracking (discussed above) to help your learners focus on their next task. This can be set-up in both Moodle and Totara Learn.


You can enable restricted access within the Advanced features settings.


Within a course you will then be able to set the restrict access criteria within a course by editing activities, resources and sections and adding a restriction.

For more information you can read our previous blog on Restricted access here -

4. Adding users one at a time is taking too much time. Is there a faster way to add lots of users at once?

A common request that we have is to advise on the best method of uploading users to the site. From our experience, we find that the best method is the tried and tested CSV upload. There are different approaches for Moodle and Totara Learn but this is the way to go to save valuable time.

5. I need a copy of my course, is that possible?

Yes it is. The best method for duplicating your courses is to use the backup and restore features that exist within Moodle and Totara Learn.

In your course you’ll see a 'Backup' link, click it and follow through the steps to create a file with all of the course data that you need to create clones.

This method is ideal if you have created a course as a template and wish to duplicate it. This is also useful if you are moving your courses from one site to another.


What next

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