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What's new in the Moodle Mobile Application 2.9

Moodle logoMoodle have today announced the release of the latest version of the Moodle Mobile application - 2.9. This app is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded on Google Play.

New features of the latest version:

  • Glossary: With 2.9, you can now browse glossary entries and open glossary entry links in the app, as well as view and downloading the attachments.

Glossary features

  • Course and Activities Links. These links can now be followed using the Mobile app (e.g. a link to a glossary entry will open in the app, or a link to a different course will show that course in the app).

Improvements and Fixes:

There are also a few improvements and fixes in this latest version release, including embedded videos now working, longer chat messages are now displayed in full, SCORM player bugs are fixed, and each page of the app now has a unique CSS class name (allowing specific pages to be styled by remote themes). Downloaded files also now keep their original name to allow for easier searches through other apps.

For the complete list of release notes on Moodle Mobile 2.9 click here.

Need help? 

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