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Totara LMS v2.9 Release - New Features and Improvements

Totara LMS' latest version - 2.9.0 has been released this week, packed with exciting new features and improvements. While this is not the complete list, we have summarised the main features of what you can expect with this latest version.Totara version 2.9 features

New features:

  • Turn off extension requests for programs and certifications. There is a new option which allows you to disable program/certification extension requests, either for the whole system or for individual instances via the edit details page.
  • Totara Connect. This is a single sign-on and user identity solution for multiple Totara instances, allowing connected sites to share user accounts and logins for all or selected users. This new version allows you to connect your multiple Totara LMS or Totara Social sites to a single Totara LMS site.
  • Global Report Restrictions. This feature allows you to control what a user can see when viewing a report. This is particularly useful for an organisation who may only view the records that belong to users of that organisation, or for those wishing to limit access to records that belong to a subset of users to a specific group, without needing to modify each individual report.
  • New "Report Builder exports" plugin type. All current export types have been converted to the new plugin type whilst also improvements to the performance of exports have been made.
  • Ability to clone report builder reports. Reports can now be cloned (including columns, filters, settings) to allow you to make changes you need and create different versions of the report, without needing to create it from scratch.
  • Program completion block. This allows your users to see their progress in a program on any screen.
  • Options to disable adding/removing of users from dynamic audiences. Two new settings have been introduced in this latest version which makes audience management much easier. It can now be set up that when users are added when they meet the conditions for a dynamic audience they are not removed when they no longer meet the conditions. Also it can be set up that no new users are added as members, whether or not they meet the conditions. The benefit with these new options is that it can help avoid unexpected changes in audience memberships, and can also lock dynamic audiences if need be.
  • "Fixed Date" custom field type. This new custom field is not affected by timezones, unlike the "current date" field - an ideal feature for those with users in multiple timezones and wishing to gather data such as anniversaries and employment dates.
  • Ability to customise graph colours in graphical reports.
  • New "AND" program courseset operator. This allows the creation of rules such as "Learner must complete one of course1, course2, course3 AND one of course4, course5, course6."
  • Improved defaults and linkage between face to face start and end dates. Therefore when changing the start date the finish date will automatically change to the same day.
  • Add user editable personal goal custom fields. Preexisting goal types have been renamed to company goal types. Personal goal types differ from company goal types in that the custom field values entered for a personal goal will be associated with that specific user.

Totara iconImprovements:

  • Accessibility improvements to comply with WCAG 508 requirements.
  • Performance improvements including programs, audience assignments and scheduled reports.

For more information on the new release features or to discuss a Totara LMS solution for your organisation get in touch with one of our experts.

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