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Plugin Review: Moodle reporting made easy - Learner Data Reports

What is Learner Data Reports (LDR)?

Learner Data Reports is a Moodle reporting plugin developed by HowToMoodle. The plugin allows you to quickly generate reports based on user profiles, marks, courses and activity information and completion status.

Is there documentation for Learner Data Reports?

Following your purchase of Learner Data Reports you will be sent the user guide for the plugin. This guide will give you all the information you need to get started. There is also a video available here which demonstrates the uses of Learner Data Reports.

How to install Learner Data Reports? 

If you host your Moodle site with us then we will install the plugin for you.

The plugin is installed into the report directory within your Moodle code directory (moodlecode/report).

As always it is best practice to take a full backup of your Moodle site before installing any plugin.

Reporting options

It is possible to access the Learner Data Reports in a few different ways on your Moodle site. If you are a Site Administrator you may quickly access the Learner Data Reports by going to Site Administration > Reports > Learner Data.


If you’re not a site administrator but have a 'teacher' / 'manager' role within a course you can access the reports by going to Course administration > Reports > Learner Data.


On the initial Learner Data Reports screen you can add a filter for the report that you are going to generate. The filter is very useful for reporting on Users, Courses / Groups or Activities / Resources and narrowing down the areas that you wish to report on.

Image 3

The Users report will allow you to filter based on data in any standard user profile field e.g. their First name, Email address, First access to the site as well as any custom user profile fields you’ve created. Once you have selected the filters you wish to apply, select the ‘Report content’ button. On this page you are able to select the information you wish to appear within the report itself - this includes information about the user such as their Last login, as well as course information such as their completion status and grades. To view the report click the ‘View’ button (you may need to allow popups in your browser for this to display). Alternatively you can download the report as a CSV file.

With the step above you will get report information for all courses on the site, however by going into the ‘Courses / Groups’ section you can select specific courses and groups that you wish to report on.

Image 4

Additionally, if you wish to further narrow down the report, you can go to the ‘Activities / Resources’ section. Here you can select the activities and resources that you wish the report to include.

Image 5

Another great feature of the plugin is the ability to save your report filters so you can quickly access them and run the report again. To do this you will first need to apply your report settings, select the ‘Report content’ button, then check the content you wish to report and click either ‘View’ or ‘Download’. You should now see an additional section ‘Save Filter (Optional)’. You can enter a name for the filter and select the type of filter you wish to save it as (either public or private). You will then be able to reuse this filter very quickly in the future. Saved filters are available for site administrators.


Learner Data Reports adheres to all of the standard Moodle permissions so you do not need to worry about teachers from one course being able to report on a course they are not enrolled in.

There are also some special changes you can make in order to prevent data leakage from your reports. If you use multiple groups in courses with different teachers for each group you may want to prevent a teacher in group A running a report on students in group B.

To do this you will need to change the group settings within a course to ‘Group mode’ = Separate groups, and ‘Force group mode’ = Yes. You will then also need to edit the permissions for the role you use for your teachers and disable “Manage groups” and “Access all groups” within Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles. By adding the teacher to the group, teachers will only be able to generate and view reports for groups in which they are a member.

Verdict on Learner Data Reports


  • Saves time and money by consolidating the extraction of data
  • Output can contain information from: user profile, course, group, course and activity completion and grades
  • Saved filters can quickly be applied and shared with other users who can generate reports
  • Convenient - keep your reports in one place
  • You can choose the criteria you wish to report on
  • Reports generated can be downloaded in CSV or viewed in a new browser window


  • Only works with standard plugins.

What Next 

Learner Data Reports is a great addition to any Moodle site that uses reports as it vastly reduces the time it takes to generate reports, saving your organisation money. You can learn more about Learner Data Reports here or get in touch with our experts to discuss your requirements on 0330 660 1111 or via

Expert Technical Support for your Moodle or Totara Learn site

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