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How to publish your course as an LTI tool in Moodle 3.1

If you haven't yet upgraded your Moodle site to 3.1, or are yet to take advantage of the new 3.1 features it brings, here is a new one for you to explore...

How to publish your course as an LTI tool

Features-LTI-wordpressIn Moodle 3.1 you're able to publish and share your courses and activities using the industry standard LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) protocol. You have the option of either publishing selected activities or complete courses.

The site administrator simply needs to enable the associated authentication and enrolment plugins (just a couple of clicks) and then there is some simple set in the course where you specify which activities/resources want to share (or if you want to share the entire course).

This process generates a secret key and special URL that you’ll use to hook up with another LMS.

Here’s the clever bit!

In the LMS to which you want the content to be shared (the consumer site) set up the LTI module using the secret key (in Moodle and Totara this module is called “External tool”) and voila! You’re ready.

When users log in to the consumer site and click to access the content it will appear in the consumer site as if it’s part of that site, even though it’s not.

This means you can share content securely without giving any learner on the consumer site the ability to modify the content and you can revoke the access at any time.

We think this is a really useful addition to Moodle with lots of potential applications for sharing the rich functionality in Moodle with any other LMS – the consumer site doesn’t have to be Moodle or Totara it can be any site that’s LTI enabled. An obvious application is for training companies who develop and host their courses in Moodle but want to license it to clients.

Want to know more? Watch the Moodle LTI tool demonstration video or get in touch with us. You can also see the full Moodle 3.1 release notes here.

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