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HowToMoodle Themes: Tiles and Quicklinks explained

At HowToMoodle we're always striving to improve and implement tools to make our clients' sites look modern and easy to navigate. We have some great features, which are included with our Brand it! and Design it! theme options that are great at doing just that. In this post, I explain the Quicklinks and Tiles functionality we have developed.

What are Tiles

In a previous post, I discussed the Course tiles functionality, and how you can transform activity links on course pages into large, clickable buttons that improve the look of the Moodle or Totara Learn site instantly.

Within the tiles functionality there is also the option of Section tiles and Category tiles.

Section tiles displays when you’re using the ‘One Section per page’ option from course settings. Here you can include section specific images too.Activity and Course Tiles Moodle Totara LMS Theme

Category tiles spruce up the course listing which, in their standard format, can be really uninviting to your users.

Category Tiles Example Moodle Theme

All of the tiles are automatically generated and everything works exactly the same so there’s no learning curve required for participants or for users editing the courses etc. Overall, it’s a much more elegant, integrated approach then the clunky grid course format or orphaned activities. What’s more, you can decide on whether you have an image or icon on them, and each type of tile can be turned on or off as you require.

What are Quicklinks

Our Quicklinks feature enables you to have a graphical, engaging home page with bold styling that helps to direct your learners to key areas of the site. Not only this, but we can style them in pretty much any way you like.

Quicklinks are customisable meaning you can add your own icons, change their colour, text and link by simple settings in the theme administration section.

Quicklink_Settings and example

Examples of some of our Clients' use of Quicklinks:

PRCA - Quicklinks theme example

Schneider Electric - Quicklinks theme example

What next

Would you like to improve the look and feel of your Moodle site? We want to help you. Call us on 0330 660 1111 or contact us via

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