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The Ultimate How-To: Add a Twitter Feed to your Moodle Course page

by Richard Hall on | Nov 05, 2013 | Moodle Tips, Moodle | 0 comments

arithumb_c4e1778f9a302239734fc9932e3843d6_150_111Would you like to connect your course to the real world? Would you like your course page to display up-to-date news from your organisation or maybe even a conference/event? If the answer is yes, follow the next seven-steps. 

Despite Twitter removing the ability to generate RSS feeds for accounts, displaying a Twitter feed on your course page is easier than you may think:

1. Go to and click on the Create New button

1-create widget

2. Enter a Twitter account name and click on the Create Widget button*

2a-choose account

3. Copy the generated code to your clipboard. 3-copy text to clipboard


4. On your course page, add an HTML block.4a-html config



5. Access the settings for your HTML block and go to the HTML editor in the Block Content.


6. Paste the code (from your clipboard) into the Content area, then click on the Update button.


7. Give the block a title (eg. Twitter Feed) then click on Save Changes.


*To link to a topic rather than a direct Twitter account, simply click on the Search tab in Step 2 (above) before creating your widget.

5-hashtag config

What Next

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