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Experimental “Group members only” option now available

by Richard Hall on | Jul 21, 2014 | Moodle Tips | 0 comments

Further to Carl’s recent post (Moodle Tips: Improvements to conditional access in Moodle 2.7) relating to the re-designed Conditional Access features in Moodle 2.7, I wanted to focus on a particular improvement which will be welcomed by a number of our clients.

When configuring courses to work with groups, we are often asked whether it is possible to allow certain resources/activities to be made visible only to specific groups within the course. While this has previously been achieved by enabling an experimental setting in Moodle (Site Administration > Development > Experimental > Group members only) many organisations are not entirely comfortable with using an experimental setting in a live site.

1 - enable group members only

With Moodle 2.7, however, this can now be achieved using the newly-improved Conditional Access functionality!

In previous versions of Moodle it was possible to allow a specific grouping access to a particular activity, resource or even an entire section within the course. Now with Moodle 2.7, the ability to add restrictions dynamically makes it possible to permit (or prevent) access for a number of groups or groupings, not just a single one.

2 - not visible

In addition, it is now possible to make the content visible or invisible based on these conditions too.



3 - restriction setAnd because Moodle 2.7 also allows you to combine conditions by configuring a “Restriction set”, you are now able to combine different sets of conditions which makes it easy to differentiate contentfor different groups AND at different dates in the course - great if you are managing a number of staggered intakes within the same course!



4 - restriction set

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