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Mark activity as complete only once passed

by Richard Hall on | Sep 24, 2013 | Moodle Tips | 3 comments

The ability to track completion within a Moodle course is useful to both teachers and learners alike in quickly displaying the progress being made.

By making the completion of an activity dependant on meeting a specific grade, you can ensure that your learners are not just progressing through the resources and activities, but that they are progressing with a demonstrable level of understanding.

With a small amount of effort, you can help both the teacher and learner be confident that effective learning is taking place.

1. Firstly, ensure that Completion Tracking is enabled at both a site and course level (you will find this in Site Administration > Advanced Features and Course Administration > Edit Settings respectively)

2. Create an Activity (in this example I am going to create a quiz) ensuring that the following are selected in the settings:


3. Now go to Administration (Settings in versions prior to 2.5) and go to Course administration > Grades.

4. Select Simple View (Categories and Items) from the drop-down list on the Grader Report screen.

5. On the next screen, locate your activity and click on the Edit icon.

On the Edit Grade Item screen, click on +Show More to display the advanced settings.arithumb_00c402ad1c0bda17ae21981bd54db873_200_72

7. Then set the Grade to pass (in my example, I will set it to 7.5) and click on the Save Changes button.arithumb_17140ccbe4d34ad972ebc77465c6a08a_200_56

On the course page, the completion status for this activity will now display as one of three states:
arithumb_daad46fd917ff1c063bbb928b336cc81_300_28Activity not attempted

arithumb_62514c74038c710c76e60a04ed6fa0c8_300_28Activity attempted but pass grade not achieved

arithumb_f9f0fe7437518c90d0b0f8a548c3a2d7_300_28Activity complete – pass grade achieved

You may want to extend this further by permitting access to further activities/resources only when an acceptable level of attainment has been reached in an earlier activity.

What Next

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