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How to restrict course-section access to Grouping members in Moodle

by Gemma Mellings on | Feb 25, 2014 | Moodle Tips, Moodle | 0 comments

Do you want a selected group of users to have exclusive access to a whole section of your Moodle course? For example, create a ‘Staff Room’ section, or a section for a functional group, such as ‘Finance’. If you used a hidden section, group members would be restricted to those with editing- or non-editing teacher roles.

You can restrict section access to a grouping, with member-roles from ‘student’ to ‘editing teacher’, with normal on-screen visibility. However, at first sight it doesn’t seem to be an option! Here’s how to set that up.

First, your administrator needs to access Site Administration> Development> Experimental> Experimental Settingsand tick Enable group members only.

Experimental Setting

Once that’s done, turn your attention to the course where you want to restrict section access to a Grouping:

  • Turn editing on.
  • Go to the section to which you want to apply a Grouping Access Restriction, and click the Edit Summary icon

Section Edit Summary

In Restrict Access, you’ll discover an extra setting has appeared at the top, called Grouping Access

Section Restrict Gouping

From the dropdown, choose which Grouping you want to have access to the section, for example ‘Staff’’, followed bySave.

Now only the members of groups in the Staff Grouping can access that section.

Remember to set the Groupings settings for each activity in the restricted section as normal to manage access to individual activities.

Section View after Restriction

What Next

How to restrict course-section access to Grouping members in Moodle is one of the many topics we cover in our Online Moodle Training Courses.

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