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How to make courses visible to different sets of users in Totara Learn

by Richard Hall on | Oct 06, 2015 | Totara Tips | 0 comments

We are often asked about whether it's possible to hide courses from different sets of users in the course listings page. In Moodle, it is not possible to do this though obviously access to course content itself can be controlled using enrolment methods; Totara Learn, however, does offer this feature.

In Totara Learn, each course’s “visibility” to other users can be set based on whether the user is a member of a particular Audience.

Audiences are defined by the site administrator. The site administrator can select specific users by name to be part of an audience or can define a rule/rules which automatically add a user to an audience based on satisfying conditions eg. completing or course, allocation of a position within a company.

Once the audience has been created, it is then simply a case of going into the settings of a course and configuring the Audience-based visibility:

Configuring Audience-based visibility

And then selecting the audience(s):

Selecting the audience

So, if hiding courses from certain sets of users is an essential requirement for your LMS solution then it may be worth having a look at Totara Learn along with the many other fantastic features it offers.

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