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Tag courses to help learners find relevant courses

by Richard Hall on | Nov 17, 2015 | Blog, Totara Tips | 0 comments

Tagging courses in Totara Learn provides for an easy way for your learners to find courses relevant to their needs.

With Totara Learn, there are a number of ways you can configure the Course Catalogue to provide filter options for users.

If you have a number of courses that are relevant to a particular area of learning (e.g. Time Management or a specific software application) then setting up some official tags from which your course creators can select in the course settings and adding these as filter options on the Find Learning page can really help your learners to quickly find the courses they need.

Step 1 – Enable course tagging for the site

Firstly, go to Site Administration >  Courses > Course default settings and select Course Tagging to enable this feature for your Totara LMS:


blog-coursetagging2Step 2 – Create official tags

As a Site Administrator, you then need to create some official tags. Your course creators/editors will be able to then select from these tags when editing course settings.


  1. Go to Site Administration > Appearance > Manage tags
  2. Simply type in the tag (A) that you wish to add to the site and click on the [Add official tags] button (B):










Step 3 – Tag a course

Anybody who has access to the Course Administration > Edit settings for a course can now select from the official tags which the Site Administrator has added to the site. By using the CTRL key on your keyboard, it is possible to select more than one tag for a course.





Step 4 – Add filtering of tags to the Course Catalogue page

Now, by editing the Course Catalogue report, you can allow your learners to simply select the tag or tags to view a list of those courses that meet their learning requirements.


Need help?

The Course Catalogue report and report filtering options are covered as part of our Totara Administrator training programme

If you would like to get more out of your Totara Learn site, we want to hear from you. Call us on 0330 660 1111 or visit our Totara services page at

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