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Why carry out a healthcheck for your Moodle or Totara site?

Moodle HealthcheckAt HowToMoodle we carry out a number of healthchecks for clients, whether they have recently launched their Moodle or Totara site, or have been using the platforms for years. Healthchecks on your site are important to ensure that your site is running well and you are getting the most out of it.


We offer both technical health-checks, at site and server level for those hosting in-house, as well as consultancy healthchecks, to help you evaluate your use of learning tools and configuration.

Here are just a few reasons why our clients have healthchecks on their sites:

Technical-healthcheckTechnical Healthcheck – For those hosting your Moodle or Totara site in-house:
  • Be confident that your site is in good shape. If you are hosting your site internally, a regular healthcheck of your site is recommended to ensure that your site is running efficiently and securely. Ideally, you should conduct a technical healthcheck on your site once a year.
  • Improve the performance of your site. If your site is sitting on an internal server, your site may be running slow or may be unresponsive, causing poor user experience. This may be especially an issue during peak times of use or during tight deadlines for your learners to complete work. A technical healthcheck can address these issues and recommend the best approach to improve them.
  • Check the security of your Moodle site. Your site may have hidden holes in its security, which can lead to issues with losing data or security threats. A healthcheck will produce a comprehensive report which outlines any potential security threats as well as suggestions on combating such issues.
  • For those who may have inherited the site that wasn’t built by them, or for those who are handing a site across to a new member of the team, this is a crucial step. The report generated from the technical healthcheck will provide reference information on the site, which is extremely useful for such team members.
ConsultancyConsultancy Healthcheck – For those requiring improvement on user experience and meeting organisational objectives:
  • Improve the user experience. There may be areas on your site that would benefit from a functionality and navigational check. This is especially important if you are receiving feedback from users who are struggling to find pages or resources within your site.
  • Site usability and theme design check. New Moodle and Totara versions are released regularly, so it can be difficult to keep up to date with what will work and what will no longer work on your site as a result. Our healthcheck will highlight areas that may be impacted from the new version and suggest ways to address these issues.
  • Meet your organisations objectives and achieve maximum ROI. Following your site launch you may feel that your site has dropped in momentum or regular use. A consultancy healthcheck will help you take a step back and look at your organisation’s objectives and draw up an achievable plan on how to best meet them and relaunch your site in a cost effective, positive way.
  • Crucial tool for those who may have started in the role. A consultancy healthcheck has great benefits for those who have taken onboard a Moodle or Totara site within the organisation. A healthcheck will help you look at areas in the current site and your future aims and objectives against what is realistic and achievable in Moodle or Totara, from experts who have been working with eLearning platforms for years.


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