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Why using a Moodle partner can save you time and money

moodle-partner-CSPAppointing the right supplier for any aspect in your organisation can be a difficult and timely task. So when you’ve got strict time and budget pressures on top of it, and you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you choose the right supplier it can make things that much harder. For many organisations with strict budgets and timeframes, the decision you make needs to be right first time.

Luckily, when it comes to Moodle, there is already a fast-track approach that many organisations take full advantage of when sourcing their expert supplier.

The Moodle partner facility lists every Moodle certified service partner worldwide. Here’s a few reasons why Moodle partners are so commonly appointed for Moodle projects:


  • Income. Every Moodle partner contributes 10% of their fees towards helping to support ongoing development of the Moodle software. Without Moodle partners the open source software would not be as advanced and developed as it is. By using a Moodle partner you are helping to contribute towards the ongoing development of Moodle.
  • Expertise. Most Moodle partners have been using Moodle for many years, and are actively involved in the Moodle community. This means that for the questions you may have, a Moodle partner will most likely know the answer. What’s more, Moodle partners keep up-to-date with the latest Moodle versions, along with knowledge of older, more obsolete versions, and so are fully aware of what is possible/is not possible within Moodle, and can provide suggestions to help you along the way.

    With the wide range of organisations that use Moodle, you will always find a Moodle partner who has experience in working with clients in your sector and with similar requirements to your own, and so will have a better understanding of what would work best in your organisation.

  • Knowledge of Moodle developments. Moodle partners regularly visit Moodle Moots and conferences, and are actively involved in the Moodle development and roadmap, so will be one of the first to know of what is up and coming in Moodle.
  • Saves you time and money! As an established Moodle partner at HowToMoodle, clients have come to us after receiving a poor service from a non-Moodle partner, often requiring their Moodle site to be corrected or their staff to be re-trained. These clients have spent much more time and money than they should have. By choosing the right Moodle partner you have more peace of mind that the service delivered will be knowledgeable, efficient, productive, and right first time.

    Non-Moodle partners may also lack expertise and knowledge in areas of Moodle, which in turn can lead to more time spent in support tickets and working on your project, or delivering training or consultancy, which ultimately creeps your costs up further. A Moodle partner has the expertise to deliver training, support and consultancy, as well as many other services, in a shorter, more efficient amount of time.

  • Fast-tracks supplier sourcing. Using a Moodle partner can also save you time and headache in sourcing a Moodle expert. Moodle partners are certified service providers, and are already established and well known as Moodle experts. Many good Moodle partners will happily provide you with testimonials and contacts of their current clients to help you make your supplier decision.
  • Extensive Moodle services. Many Moodle partners cover a wide range of Moodle services for you and your organisation, enabling you to utilise what you need to suit you and your organisation best.

Find out more about Moodle partners and HowToMoodle's partner status.

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