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Council achieves over 1,600 employee certifications with Totara Learn

St Helens Council Case Study"Like many other organisations, St Helens Council must ensure staff are compliant with Data Protection regulations."

A new case study produced by HowToMoodle walks through the requirement a local Council had in ensuring compliance within the organisation, the challenges they faced, and how Totara Learn was able to meet these objectives within a short time period. We spoke with Anne Kirkman, e-Learning Content & Development Manager at St Helens Council to create this latest case study.

St Helens Council Totara Learn themeKey points:

  • St Helens Council needed a solution that would enable them to accurately monitor the compliance of 3,000 employees.
  • The new system had to be procured with strict budget restrictions and low running costs.
  • Moodle had been used previously but lacked the functionality to manage recurring learning efficiently.
  • Totara Learn met these needs and was chosen as the new LMS solution.
  • The Council achieved their primary objectives within 5 months of implementation.
  • Totara Learn features that helped St Helens Council meet their objectives included Certifications, Reporting and Dashboards, Quiz activity and the HR import functionality.

Find out how the Council achieved over 1,600 employee certifications within 4 weeks of implementing Totara Learn.

Read the case study in full here.


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