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Get your hands dirty in an LMS Sandbox Site

by Mick Cassell on | Jul 25, 2017 | Moodle, Totara | 0 comments

How can I test changes without affecting my main site?

A prudent site administrator will always test out changes in a test environment and this is where a “sandbox” comes in handy.

A sandbox site is an installation of Moodle or Totara Learn that is intended for you to use solely as a testbed.

Sounds great! How do I get one?

You can simply install one on your server (you don’t need an extra subscription for Totara Learn). We’d recommend that it’s on the same server as your production site, if possible, so that the environment is identical.

If your site is hosted with HowToMoodle you have a sandbox entitlement with your hosting plan. Simply contact our technical team to arrange for the installation and remember to let them know if you need your custom theme or any plugins installing too.

You’ll be able to configure the site as you wish and copy courses to it that are on your production site.

What can I do once I have one?

Typical uses of sandbox sites are:

  • Trialling a plugin
  • Reviewing features in a later version
  • Testing the impact of a setting
  • Experimenting with an alternative configuration

Regardless of what you wish to test, you can make your required changes and view the results on your sandbox site safe in the knowledge that none of your main site users will see what you’re doing until you are ready to apply the changes to your main site.

What Next

All our hosting plans include 1GB sandbox site so you can try things out in a safe environment and not on your live site. Do you need help with your Moodle or Totara Learn site? Call us on 0330 660 1111 or contact us via

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