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Happy 15th Birthday Moodle! With Love, Ray

by Ray Lawrence on | Aug 17, 2017 | Moodle, Moodle Birthday | 0 comments

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HowToMoodle started its journey two years after Moodle was released to the world in 2002 by Martin Dougiamas

This Sunday, 20th of August 2017, Moodle celebrates its 15th birthday (wow). On this special occasion, our Director, Ray Lawrence writes: 

I've been working with Moodle for many years since 2002/2003 and during that time I’ve seen lots and lots of versions and lots of new features.

Throughout that time there’s one aspect of Moodle that had remained constant and is often overlooked in the focus on the technology itself.

One of the GREAT, GREAT things about Moodle is that it's truly a force for good. Education is fundamental to empower people and everything about Moodle is geared to fulfill that aim.

The fact that it’s free and accessible to all but still powerful enough to be suitable for almost any context is unparalleled in the world of learning platforms.

But that's not good enough if it’s unresponsive to modern day needs and isn't a good long-term solution. To address this, one of Moodle's key strengths is its three-pronged focus on the Moodle community and their real-world needs, strong oversight and development by Moodle HQ plus ongoing and sustainable funding from Moodle partners.

Moodle is independent and progressive. The fact that it’s open source and can't be closed down, taken over or subverted by bad actors means that its place in the future of empowerment through learning is assured.

Happy 15th Birthday Moodle!

With love,



Image 1 - Martin and I at our old office (look at that computer behind me..)


Image 2 - The sun is in my eyes. Grrrr. Front of our building, e-Innovation Centre, Telford 


Image 3 - Walking the Iron Bridge. Martin was impressed ... 


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