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Moodle Plugin Review: Collapsed Topics

This week we’ve reviewed the Collapsed Topics plugin – a Moodle plugin that enables you to change the way a course can be viewed by adding the ability to collapse and expand topics that are within a course.

What is the Collapsed Topics plugin?

The Collapsed Topics plugin adds functionality to a course. It enables the topics in a course to be collapsed and expanded as and when they are needed. This plugin will change the look of a course as it hides all content in a topic when they are collapsed. However, it does still allow you to see the structure of the course and the content is easily accessible by expanding the topic.

Without Collapsed Topics

1- Without Collapsed Topics.png

With Collapsed Topics

2- With Collapsed Topics.png

How to use

Once the plugin is setup it is very easy to use and configure. It is customisable so you can change the colour, text alignment and icon of the collapsed topic (Toggle settings). You can also choose whether to show the topic summary underneath the topic before it is expanded along with a few more options in the settings.

What’s my learner’s experience like?

The plugin can be very useful as it shows the learner what topics are in the course without having to scroll all the way through the page, thus reducing the amount of scrolling needed in a course especially if there are a lot of topics.

The plugin also gives the user option to view just one topic at a time by clicking on the icon at the end of the collapsed topic. When in the topic you can navigate to different topics with the drop-down list at the bottom.

Overall, I think the leaners experience is improved when this plugin is installed as it makes it easier for course navigation.

How do I install the Collapsed Topics plugin?

The plugin is available from the Moodle plugin repository at

The downloaded zip file should then be unzipped and its contents uploaded to your Moodle installation (e.g. /course/format folder).

Once the files are moved into the correct directory you can login to the Moodle site as an admin and complete the installation process by navigating to Site administration > Notifications and click on the 'Update Database' button at the bottom of the page.

Important: You should always take a full backup of your Moodle site before installing any plugin.

How do I configure Collapsed Topics?

To configure the Collapsed Topics plugin, you need to open the course you wish to use and click on ‘Edit Settings’, in there you can expand ‘Course format’ where you will need to select ‘Collapsed Topics’. Once this has been done more settings will appear to allow you to edit the configuration of the plugin.

3 Configure Collapsed Topics.png

Is there any documentation for the Collapsed Topics plugin?

Documentation is available at:

Our verdict

Collapsed Topics is a useful plugin and I would recommend the plugin to anyone who would like all topics in a course to be easily viewed and wants to reduce the amount of scrolling. Also, the configuration settings enable you to change the look of the Toggles to customise how it looks in the course.


  • Reduces the amount of scrolling needed
  • Shows all topics on a course
  • Easy to use/navigate around a course


  • Open/close all options on the page is quite bulky (you can remove it if desired)

Ok, show me how Collapsed Topics works…

Collapsed topics.gif

What Next

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