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Our Top 7 Totara Learn Blog Posts

Totara Learn is a powerful learning management system that’s open source and is developed to give you tools to manage and facilitate your online learning right across your organisation. In this summary post, we’re looking at those powerful tools described in our top 7 blogs to try and answer what is Totara Learn and how you can use it. 

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1. LMS Research - Key questions answered about Totara Learn

Our most popular post of Totara Learn by far, this article gives you the lowdown on Totara Learn, and describes how it benefits organisations with different training requirements. As Totara Learn maps to your organisation’s structure, learning can be automatically allocated based on a range of organisational hierarchies and system criteria. This LMS is more than a course management system as it offers performance management through flexible appraisals, learning plans, self-service face-to-face course bookings and outstanding reporting capabilities. 

2. 8 Reasons why we love Totara Learn

As a Totara Platinum partner, we have been instrumental in the adoption and implementation of Totara Learn for a range of clients. Here are 8 reasons why our customers love Totara Learn.

3. How to explore course reminders in Totara Learn and why course feedback matters

You’ve spent time with your subject matter experts understanding the subject and you've developed what you think is a great online course, but you're struggling to get that coveted feedback. It’s an all too familiar feeling for trainers. This is where Totara Learn’s course reminders come in handy as they enable trainers and administrators to set up scheduled customisable emails that are sent out after learners have completed the training to come back and provide you with feedback. This article explores this scenario and explains why course feedback is so important in e-learning.

4. Exploring the Certification Completion Editor in Totara Learn

Totara Learn’s Certifications provide organisations with a great tool to manage their recurring compliance training. Since its release, it’s been one of the strongest and most popular features of Totara Learn for so many organisations, enabling them to maintain strong audit trails and make considerable time-savings!

5. What is a Learning Plan in Totara Learn and how to use it

Learning Plans offer another way of structuring the learning choosing how your learners interact with you. Learning plans are typically used when you want to give staff more control regarding their development, and they also integrate with Appraisals to review items of learning. In this article, we explore the biggest benefits of using Learning Plans in Totara Learn. 

6. How can I help integrate an LMS into my organisation

In this blog, we explain how you can stop conversations like “We call them modules but in the LMS they’re called courses”. Just about every text a user sees in the interface in Totara Learn can be customised. This means you can harmonise the interface so that it fits with the language you already use to describe things in your organisation and make life easier.

7. What’s new in the latest version of Totara Learn 10

What does a bin, a rag, tiles and pins have in common? They’re all new features of Totara Learn 10. In the recent new release of the platform, there have been many visual and accessibility improvements, as well as new features to make administrators' and trainers' lives easier to improve the learners' experience. In this article, we describe some of the many new and updated areas of the new functionality. 

We work with many organisations both large and small and across a variety of industry sectors to help them implement Totara Learn successfully so that they can deliver training better, improve sales, save money, increase confidence and achieve sustainable growth. Here's a selection of them:

What Next

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