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Theme of the month - Finch Consulting's Moodle Theme

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This month we spoke to Steve Cowley, Senior Consultant at Finch Consulting, regarding the recent Brand it! theme we created for their Moodle site.

Finch offers insight and solves complex engineering, health, safety and legal problems across a wide range of sectors. Their service streams consist of Expert services, Consulting services and Legal services, with their Learning services stream being more recently introduced with the creation of their Moodle site; "The Finch Academy".

What were the reasons you decided to have a theme created for your Moodle site?

Steve: "Our company has a very strong brand and brand image of which we are proud. Our branding and website moves away from the traditional engineering sterotype and conveys a more modern, clean and dynamic look that is unique in our marketplace. Following the creation of our Moodle site, we needed to maintain this branding and create a consistent feel throughout. We wanted our main website at to integrate seamlessly with our Moodle site at"

Finch Consulting main site.png

Finch Consulting main website design

Finch Consulting Branded Moodle site.png

Finch Consulting Moodle site with Brand it! theme

What was your design brief for the new theme?

Steve: "Maintaining our brand on the Moodle site and creating a seamless transition between the two sites was our key requirement."

Finch Consulting transition effect.gifStylish animation that transitions between the company's colours

What has been the response so far by your learners and colleagues to the Moodle site?

Steve: "They are excited by the prospect and it's capabilities, and it is becoming an important service stream. The ability to present our Moodle site with our consistent branding throughout is a great way to promote it and demonstrate Finch innovation."

"We are also using the system for internal professional and personal development for our 20+ consultants who are geographically dispersed across the UK. The response to the site and it's look has been very positive."

Did you have any comments on the service received from the HowToMoodle team?

Steve: "We have found HowToMoodle to be excellent from the first call onwards. The design team listened well and understood our needs and responded well to our requirements. As a result we had very minor changes to achieve the end result."


Why we love this theme

We loved working with Finch Consulting on this theme.

We like the clear, professional look that's also feature-rich. Our Multi-T effect gives Finch Consulting a great deal of flexibility to deliver targeted content and navigation to selected groups of users, while the responsive design optimises the site so that it displays the same great look to users viewing the Moodle site via mobiles and tablets.

The stylish transitional effect of colour variations that we created specifically for the company adds a final layer of seamless transition from the main website through to the Moodle site.

It looks great and works great!

What Next

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