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Theme of the month - Professional Academy's Totara Theme

professional-academy-logoWe have recently spoken to Hayley Wesley, Learning Content Developer at Professional Academy, following the Brand it! Totara theme we created for their Totara Learn site.

HowToMoodle: Firstly, please tell us the reasons that you decided to have a theme created for your Totara Learn site?
"The previous year we had our company website redesigned and an ecommerce store launched with an integrated theme. To continue developing our online brand we wanted to have all our online platforms uniformed and cross branded to deliver quality, consistency, recognition and professionalism to our online consumers."

HowToMoodle: What was your design brief/feature criteria for the new design?
"The key objective was for our site to be instantly recognisable as a Professional Academy service whilst keeping the learner experience and usability at the forefront of our minds. We were looking for ways to improve the navigation from the homepage and to generally improve the look and feel of the site aesthetically by making it brighter and colour matching our website.

The simple addition of the 'quicklinks' which complement the circular theme of our website allowed us to do this.


Professional Academy-Quicklinks-comparison Professional Academy's use of the Quicklinks feature to complement it's existing website


The sliding images which mirror the banner of our website give an immediate visual impact and seamless continuation from one platform to the other.


Slider rotation example with comparison The use of slider rotation on the company's Totara LMS, with it's comparison slider on their main website


A secondary criterion we had was the ability to create bespoke themes for some of our larger corporate clients who wanted to integrate their own branding onto our site so their own training delegates could also feel a sense of consistency from their own platforms and sites. To do this we added HowToMoodle's 'Multi T' feature which gives the effect of a bespoke site by allowing us to make changes such as the company logo, colour scheme, banner images and front page text area and assigning the relevant delegates to that theme. It is simple to manage but the impact is great. This adaptability has been of significant use to us and allows us to further accommodate our client’s needs. The HowToMoodle team were on hand to listen to ideas and questions and find the best solution for our needs."

HowToMoodle: What has been the response by your learners and colleagues to the new theme so far?
"Positive comments have come from both learners and fellow colleagues. Our trainers have called it a 'vast improvement' on any previous Professional Academy platforms whilst learners and potential learners see it as a fresh, modern looking system that is appealing to look at and use.

We have had a large amount of compliments while demonstrating our site at exhibitions, with potential clients and competitors alike saying our site looks great and that our brand integration is excellent."

In discussing the theme creation service from HowToMoodle, Hayley comments; "As well as the web developers always being on hand to answer any questions we may have regarding the theme and continual enhancements, the technical support team have been great with offering advice for fixes, showing a depth of knowledge of the platform, and carrying out prompt efficient work when requested."

Sales and Marketing Manager, Michael O'Flynn added; "Having consistent Professional Academy branding across all online platforms has allowed us to assure all Professional Academy students, clients and partners will be receiving the high quality product and service they expect.

Professional Academy-MainvsTotara

Why we love this theme...

This is a great-looking Totara theme which perfectly fits with the company's main website. It not only takes advantage of the Quicklinks feature that is included as standard with our themes, but also Professional Academy has taken advantage of our Multi-T theme feature which has helped them make a considerable impact on their clients with their own branding requirements. We are delighted with the theme and pleased that Professional Academy and their clients feel the same!

Do you need a theme uplift for your Totara Learn site? Get in touch with us on 0330 660 1111 or contact us at to discuss your needs. Alternatively for more information visit our Totara Learn themes page here.

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