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Theme of the month - The TEFL Academy's Moodle Theme

We recently spoke to Ed Phillips, Digital Development Manager at The TEFL Academy, about the Brand it! Moodle theme we created for the company in August.TEFL Academy logo.png

What were the reasons you decided to have a theme created for your Moodle site?

Ed: "We recently upgraded our Moodle site from 2.7 to 3.3. As a result, we needed our theme to be compatible with the latest version of Moodle and wanted the site to reflect the modern look of the latest version."

What was your design brief/feature criteria for the new design?

Ed: "We wanted the new design to be responsive so it would look great when viewed on mobile devices. We also have updated company branding and so we needed the new theme to reflect that."

Along with many features such as a custom menu style, navigation bar and Moodle search box, that come as standard with a Brand it! theme, The TEFL Academy had additional specific requirements that included:

Automatic course redirect

TEFL Academy didn’t require a homepage and so instead we set up automatic redirection to a pre-defined course, with another option to direct the user to their dashboard. In the absence of a front page, the web development and design team at HowToMoodle styled the log in page to be consistent with The TEFL Academy's branding and visuals.

Customised Moodle theme log in page.png

Section Completion

The TEFL Academy required a tick to be automatically generated and displayed on the course page when the number of completed activities in a course equals the number of total activities with completion tracking.
Course Comparison Moodle site.png

Course specific banner image

The company wanted to be able to add a header image to individual courses, if required. We created a header image feature to enable TEFL Moodle administrators to add a specific header image when required.

Course specific banner image Moodle site

Since the theme launch, what has been the response by your learners and colleagues to the Moodle site?

Ed: "It's been really positive. The changes in the Moodle interface from versions 2.7 to 3.3, along with the responsive format have been received very well."


Commenting on the service received from the HowToMoodle team, Ed added:

"The HowToMoodle team were efficient in their project planning and delivery and met all of our tight deadlines. All design iterations and theme tweaks were completed quickly and accurately."


Why we love this theme

We were delighted to present this great looking theme to The TEFL Academy in a short turnaround time. 

Lesson Progress bar.png

We love the functionality and flexibility that this theme brings, from the customisable strapline, menus and blocks, through to specific styling for the lesson progress bar and course specific banner image.

The section completion option is a great feature that gives a quick visual overview of the course completion and user progress.

We enjoyed working with Ed and the team and we were delighted with the end result!

Moodle theme TEFL Academy.png

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