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Top 3 most amazing Moodle features - by Gavin Henrick

Gavin HenrickWe recently welcomed some of the team from Moodle HQ to our offices in Shropshire. While we took the opportunity to record a Podcast with Martin Dougiamas and also quiz him on his likes and dislikes in a more informal chat, we couldn't let Gavin Henrick, Business Development Manager at Moodle, escape without giving us his thoughts on his top 3 favourite features of the Moodle platform.

Top 3 Moodle features - Quiz - Gavin Henrick

1. Quiz

Gavin: "I think the first one is obviously the quiz in Moodle. The quiz in Moodle can be used both for summative and formative assessment. It can be used for high stakes and low stakes, and it's easy to set up and easy to reuse the questions year on year for educators. That's certainly one of the most powerful assessment tools in Moodle."

About the Quiz module: This activity allows administrators/teachers to build a variety of Question types (e.g. multiple choice, true/false, short answer and drag and drop) to use in different quizzes for their learners. Find out more about quizzes here. 


Top 3 Moodle Features - Adaptability Flexibility2. Adaptability

Gavin: "...the second thing that's amazing, and that's the adaptability of Moodle. The fact that you can customise it and configure it to whatever learning implementation or training, the curriculum design that you want, but also it's got the plug-ins that you can add extra features in, turn them on and off depending on your organisational needs. That adaptability, I think, is the second thing which is great."



Top 3 Moodle Features - Moodle Mobile app3. Mobile

Gavin: "The third one definitely has to be mobile. Learning has changed in the last few years where people want to be learning where they want, when they want and how they want, and learning on the go. The mobile app for Moodle is really powerful and, in fact, it enables offline learning, so people can download the materials offline and consume it."

About the Moodle mobile app: 'Moodle Mobile' app allows students and teachers to access their learning platform from their iOS, Android and Windows desktop devices. The app comes with offline capabilities for accessing content and activities (e.g. quizzes and SCORM). 100% of Moodle student functionality, including push notifications is available in the app. What's more, the latest version of the app released alongside Moodle 3.5 brings with it some great new enhancements to the user interface and performance. Download the app here. Remember to subscribe to our blog to be one of the first to learn about the latest Moodle version features! 


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