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How to enhance your Moodle Theme

by Gemma Mellings | Jan 06, 2015 | Blog, bootstrap, style, table, theme, Themes

In my last post, I detailed how you can style images to look like Polaroid pictures in your Moodle course when your site has a Bootstrap-based Moodle theme. Last week, I happened to speak to a client who, having read that post, asked me if there was anything else that she could do with content[...]

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How to use a responsive theme to enhance your Moodle content

Recently, Moodle has become a responsive application which means, regardless of the device being used (mobiles, tablets, iPads etc), users are able to see their Moodle content nicely laid out regardless of screen size. Until recently. this only used to be  the case on larger devices where we get[...]

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