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Top 3 most amazing Moodle features - by Gavin Henrick

We recently welcomed some of the team from Moodle HQ to our offices in Shropshire. While we took the opportunity to record a Podcast with Martin Dougiamas and also quiz him on his likes and dislikes in a more informal chat, we couldn't let Gavin Henrick, Business Development Manager at Moodle,[...]

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GDPR Feature Review - An #EssentialElearning Podcast

The next episode of our Podcast series is now available!

Episode 3: GDPR Feature Review - Moodle and Totara Learn covers the new features that have been released in the latest Moodle and Totara Learn's versions to support GDPR compliance.

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10 Reasons to love Moodle infographic

Our long-standing blog followers may remember that we produced a blog a few years ago on why we love Moodle. As our name suggests, we are renown for delivering expert Moodle services since we began in 2004. Despite since extending our service offering and also now deliver expert services to many[...]

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What is Moodle - The Moodle mobile app [4/4]

In this week’s final edition of our What is Moodle series, we look at how the software is the ideal solution for anyone who’s on the move, needs it at their fingertips, and enjoys having the flexibility to learn, communicate and collaborate.

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What is Moodle - Can it be customised? [3/4]

In part 3 of our What is Moodle series, we look at how Moodle can be used as a content resource hub, communicative, assessment and collaborative solution for your brand, organisation or business.

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What is Moodle - Who can use it? [2/4]

Have you ever thought Moodle was just an e-learning platform used in schools, colleges and universities? Or thought it was too complicated for your brand, organisation or business?

Well, we have good news! Moodle is *so* much more than a hosted learning platform. In this week’s blog we discuss[...]

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What is Moodle - Why is it one of the best e-learning platforms? [1/4]

This week we’re excited to share the first of a batch of blogs designed to showcase how you can get the very most from Moodle, and enhance your own experience of it as one of the most dynamic, useful and downright awesome pieces of software out there.

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Latest Moodle version release: 3.0.2, 2.9.4, 2.8.10 and 2.7.12

by Gemma Mellings | Jan 11, 2016 | moodle features, Moodle

A number of minor version releases are available from today. The main features include:

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