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Totara Learn helps major training provider gain a competitive edge

Yellow Room Learning Case Study.jpgYellow Room Learning are a global provider of information security awareness training, who sought after an LMS that could support their expanding company and make them stand out in their competitive market.

For this latest Success story we delve into the details on the journey the company took, from firstly establishing their objectives and choosing their LMS through to implementing the solution, concluding with their impressive results and future goals 12 months on.


  • Yellow Room Learning delivers information security awareness training that empowers employees with the knowledge to recognise and prevent cyber-attacks;
  • The company needed an LMS that would look unique to Yellow Room Learning and assist them in delivering training to their clients but also be customisable so that their larger clients could have their own personalised eLearning environment;
  • The platform also needed to be mobile responsive, be visually appealing with clear, tailored reporting for each manager;
  • Yellow Room Learning chose Totara Learn as their LMS solution. HowToMoodle assisted the company in implementing the platform successfully within 6 weeks;
  • 12 months on, the company has been extremely impressed with its capabilities and in meeting their objectives, and are confident that Totara Learn is the perfect system to support their further expansion.

Click here to read our success story in full to find out how Totara Learn helped the training provider gain a competitive edge.

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