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We've been expecting you...

Landing page imageDouble Double Toil and Trouble! It may be time to check on your online learning management system - is it haunting your learners and making your teams scream at the workload? 
Your eLearning platform shouldn't seem like a severe case of Practical Magic, so our friendly team are here to help you break down the Hocus Pocus; leaving you and your organisation with a simplistic and effective, well managed Moodle or Totara site.
As Dr Frankenstein once famously said, "It's alive!" - we want you to experience this joy when using your Moodle or Totara site. Are you aiming to engage with your audience as well as Alfred Hitchcock’s 'Psycho'? You've come to the right place.
There's no need to give your learners the Jeepers Creepers when it comes to studying, assignments and tests, and there's no need to leave your teams feeling like zombies from marking all these submissions. Just take a peek at these features and benefits you could be using ...


Need help on hand which is as reliable as the Ghost Busters? Our team of expert consultants can help you focus on the core aims and objectives of your project and enable you to achieve your goals in an efficient, cost-effective way.


We're a highly renowned provider of eLearning training, and have been delivering regular scheduled, on-site and online training since 2005. We offer practical, flexible courses that provide up-to-date Moodle or Totara guidance for clients with a range of experience and requirements.


We offer a wide range of theme and branding options for your Moodle or Totara site - just tell us what you're looking for, and the job's as good as done! Whether you're after a bespoke creative treatment, a brand-matched look and feel, or easy-to-implement templates that you can easily customise yourself, we've got you covered.


Fancy some unbeatable hosting services for your Moodle or Totara site? Our simple set-up and maintenance mean you can enjoy hassle-free hosting. All our flexible, reliable and fully managed hosting solutions are each designed to meet the demands and needs of a variety of organisations.


You can tap into our expert support services whenever you need a little extra assistance - offering a comprehensive choice of Moodle and Totara remote support packages which have been carefully developed to meet the needs of the wide variety of clients we work with.

Full Project

Want to sit back, relax and let us do it all for you? Reap the benefits with our Full Project service.


Where should I start?

The best place to start would be by discussing your plans with your organisation, finding out what you need, and then getting in touch with our friendly team, here.

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