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What is Moodle - The Moodle mobile app [4/4]

4 Access anywhere.jpgIn this week’s final edition of our What is Moodle series, we look at how the software is the ideal solution for anyone who’s on the move, needs it at their fingertips, and enjoys having the flexibility to learn, communicate and collaborate.

On the Go

Everything’s about convenience nowadays, and Moodle more than keeps up with this trend. You can access Moodle from anywhere, on any device, and you can even download a course when there’s no internet access.

It’s available via a free-to-download app on both the Google Play and Apple App stores, plus as a desktop app from the Microsoft store. You can benefit from its functionality on a phone as easily as you can on a laptop – from accessing course content, to receiving notifications, and being able to chat with other users. It really is mobile in every sense of the word.

So, by now we hope that we’ve succeeded in getting you even a little excited about all things Moodle. Perhaps you’re part-way through downloading it now and starting your own online learning platform. If so, hold your horses for just a mo…

We don’t want to be the ones to throw cold water on all of that fabulous enthusiasm, but we want to urge a note of caution. Yes, Moodle is free to download, but we strongly (and we really are stressing *strongly* here) suggest that you access the expertise of a Certified Moodle Partner to make your implementation a real success.

We do understand that as a Moodle Partner this might sound like a plug for us, but whether you choose us or not, we just want to make sure that you get what you want, that it works for you, that it continues to do so, and that you stay an avid fan of all things Moodle.

Sadly, we’ve seen far too many people come to us having previously wasted time and money on the wrong areas. Think about installation, upgrades, maintenance and hosting, and just make sure that you have someone on board who can absolutely make all of that work for you.

And if in doubt, give us a call. We have a whole team of smart Moodle experts, and they love nothing more than talking about it, attending Moodle Moots and conferences, and getting actively involved in Moodle’s development and its roadmap.

This means that they’re amongst the first to know what’s happening at any one time. And they’re more than au fait with the cutting-edge versions being developed for tomorrow, as well as the almost obsolete iterations from yesterday.

Happy Moodling!

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What Next

Now you've had a taster of Moodle and what it can do for you and your organisation, you might want to delve in further! Request a Moodle demonstration here.

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