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What is Moodle - Why is it one of the best e-learning platforms? [1/4]

This week we’re excited to share the first of a batch of blogs designed to showcase how you can get the very most from Moodle, and enhance your own experience of it as one of the most dynamic, useful and downright awesome pieces of software out there.

So, let’s dive straight in…

Google ‘What is Moodle?’ and you’ll get lots of content promising to lift the lid on this e-learning platform. But the problem with this is that Moodle doesn’t have any secrets to uncover – as you may already know.

Why is Moodle one of the best e-learning platforms in the world?

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Personalise and Scale with it

Forget the jargon online and the vanilla definitions that make Moodle sound ordinary. Trust us when we say that it’s pretty darn special. The word Moodle itself stands for ‘Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment’ (catchy we know – hence shortening it).

Essentially, Moodle is an Open Source, free, online learning management system. In fact, it’s the most widely used e-learning platform in the world. It enables people just like you to create engaging, and utterly personal, online learning courses for the people who matter the most – whether that’s students, team members, partners, affiliates, recruits, or even volunteers. That’s the beauty of Moodle – you decide. It’s truly scalable, and it’s used by tens of millions of people worldwide.

It’s Free. Get Over It.

Yes, Moodle is Open Source and that means it’s free. No license fees or software renewal charges, ever. This is awesome for all sorts of reasons, not least because there are no secrets with Open Source and no sneaky back doors into systems.

Everyone has full sight of the code and that means that you’ve got quite literally thousands of pairs of experienced eyes on it at any one time. And those eyes belong to a community with a shared vision for collective empowerment.

People become part of Moodle because they believe in it and because they want to make a difference, and that kind of passion just can’t be bought. Of course, the other great benefit to Open Source is that you have complete freedom to customise. You can add plugins for new features, new functionality, new anything-you-fancy really!

And it’s not just for education either. Check out our second blog in the series in a few weeks to find out why Moodle is effective for business, and why it’s so much more than simply learning.

Until next time…

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